June Beauty Trends

Wearing colour has never been so easy, this season every colour you can think of thats bright is probably on trend so this gives us a great opportunity to experiment!
What I love to do if I'm in a rush and I need a quick fix it to use my blush as an eyeshadow. I apply my make-up as usual, then once I've put on my blush I simply pinch my blush brush and (making sure there is some blush on the brush) I sweep it on the crease of my eye and voila! Bingo! Done! This is great because it really gives you that radiant, healthy glow and saves you buying more eye shadow.
Rule number 1: Never restrain yourself to only using your cosmetics for one thing, experiment like with the blush because they are always so versitile, ( this is with the exception of unnatural colours like blue eyeshadow- this might look a bit strange used as blush) 

Another tip is to think of you face as your canvas and you are the artist. For this Summer month you could try keeping you face neutral and work either the eyes or lips. 
Anyone can do it, the is no need to spend hour painstakingly perfecting your look, just apply a simple sweep of uplifting colour to your lid  or a slick of luscious lipstick to emphasise your pout!


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