Beauty Counter Trouble

I love cosmetics and theres nothing more to it. So recently after just finishing my exams with my summer pretty much free I decided it would be a good idea to try and get a job at one of my local cosmetic counters. Now if I could have it my way it would be a my local John Lewis at one of the most lovely counters. But I have just realised- it is darn hard to try and get a job there. You don't know how many times I have waltzed (not literally) around my shopping centre to various different beauty counters enquiring politely about how I'd go about getting a job there, and you know what, they pretty much all say that you need to apply through the company. So there you have me checking up on the company websites looking for non existent jobs, trailing from site to site, page to page. I thought it would be a bit easier than this but the whole system is so in direct! I mean a lovely Clinique lady told me to go to the store I wanted as she heard there were some opening , bring my CV along and you know just state myself to the head of dep. So the next day I'm like totally whizzing like a brain box on my computer doing my so-called speed typing to create me super duper uber amazing CV. Then I bring it along with me, ask for head of dep. and the woman goes off and comes back empty handed only to tell me the EXACT same thing. So I go to another counter 'Chanel' to ask ANOTHER woman how I could get a job there.
Me: Hi do you know how I would go about getting a job a this counter?
Her: Uhhhhhhhh
Me: ???????
*Awkward moment of silence*
Her: mumble mumble mumble 'go' mumble mumble 'though' mumble 'human resources'..
Me: OK thanks (quickly making my getaway while I still have a brain)

I mean come on she worked there for goodness sake, doesn't she know how she herself got the job? Really some people.

Sorry if I rambled on but it's so difficult! So if you have any tips or anything please please tell me, I would be incredibly grateful!!!



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