Work Out in Style

So some people make take this as an excuse to not make an effort, and I genuinely understand that-but, it doesn't mean you should. It is so simple to look stylish and sporty. I have recently decided that I want to run a marathon so I need to start training and get some new gear, so I decided to put together a few steps to looking gorgeous on the go, and it is not difficult which is a necessity.

Step 1- How to handle your hair?
If your hair is long enough I would recommend just tying it back into a simple sleek, smooth pony tail, that way it is out of the way.
If you have time why not wrap a small section of hair from the pony tail around the hair bobble and then pin it underneath because this will add to the look-extra sleek!

Step 2- Makeup?
For make its probably best to keep it as minimal as possible. If your wearing foundation make sure to keep it looking very even and I would say its nice to contour your cheekbones to add some definition to your face. But I won't use much blush or any at all because you will probably redden up whilst doing you work out, so you can go for that natural flush. Then make sure to comb you eyebrows to be in keeping with that sleek hair. Make sure to wear waterproof mascara as you don't want panda eyes if it runs and you could even add a slick of eyeliner. Then to top it of keep some Vaseline handy to keep those lips looking luscious. 

Step 3- Clothes and Shoes?
This is basic you just need to keep every thing looking sleek and simple. Think clean lines and minimalism just try to emulate your look so far. Also don't be afraid to shine out in pops of colour, these just help express your style even more. And the most important thing is to make sure you have a good quality pair of shoes that ARE VERY comfy!
Here I have some inspiration below.

This is my favourite outfit!

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Great Topshop Statement Trousers!!

Here are three of my top favourites of statement trousers for Topshop. I love statement trousers when worn in the right way and whats great about them is you can dress them up or down. I must admit that my favourite cut of trousers are the cigarette shaped ones (the first two below).

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YSL/Glasses/Chanel !

Here I have found some great accessories with that summery appeal.
The turquoise and midnight blue YSL rings are to die for, they are probably one of my favourite statement piece in jewellery form- but little out of my budget.

The glasses are just two funky and actually remind me a bit of 'The Rum Diaries', which I am obsessing over- it is a fantastic film that I would definitely recommend.

Then a spritz of Chanel perfume is always a nice little touch- like the cherry on top of a cake. MMMM, speaking of cakes have you ever tried red velvet cupcakes? I think their an American thing but they sure do look yummy!

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just claiming my blog on bloglovin people :-D

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Top 3 Trends OTW

Rimmed eyeliner is big this season. SOme say that it makes you eyes look smaller but in all it makes them look sexier. It gives a look more intensity and brings out the colour of you eyes and is so simple to achieve. Just use a dark pencil and/or liquid liner to line the top of you lid. Then use the same shade in a pencil liner to get along your water line, make sure to bring it in to the very inner corners of you eye to fully recreate that appealing look. Why don't you try the new L'Oreal Voluminous Smouldering Eyeliner or some thing similar?
Why not get creative? Wacky beautiful, elegant blahblahblah nail styles/paints are so in!. Just experiment. Take this nail varnish look by Revlon's UK Nail Ambassador Jenny Longworth, it looks stunning-well at least I've fallen for it! And it is so much easier to recreate that you might think! Just click HERE for the link for step by step instructions!
from Zara

from Topsop
Any form of Boucle jacket is a must this season, they are just so versatile and you can through them over anything, whether it be your summer denim shorts or a mystifying evening gown it will look great. Just a handy fashionable accessory that will always be there in you time of need ; )

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Stylish Glasses

So the other day I visited the opticians because well I thought I might need glasses as I found it difficult to read some things from further away. It was I'd say the first time I'd been in about 10 years but it turns out I do need glasses! So I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on glasses!

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Beauty Counter Trouble

I love cosmetics and theres nothing more to it. So recently after just finishing my exams with my summer pretty much free I decided it would be a good idea to try and get a job at one of my local cosmetic counters. Now if I could have it my way it would be a my local John Lewis at one of the most lovely counters. But I have just realised- it is darn hard to try and get a job there. You don't know how many times I have waltzed (not literally) around my shopping centre to various different beauty counters enquiring politely about how I'd go about getting a job there, and you know what, they pretty much all say that you need to apply through the company. So there you have me checking up on the company websites looking for non existent jobs, trailing from site to site, page to page. I thought it would be a bit easier than this but the whole system is so in direct! I mean a lovely Clinique lady told me to go to the store I wanted as she heard there were some opening , bring my CV along and you know just state myself to the head of dep. So the next day I'm like totally whizzing like a brain box on my computer doing my so-called speed typing to create me super duper uber amazing CV. Then I bring it along with me, ask for head of dep. and the woman goes off and comes back empty handed only to tell me the EXACT same thing. So I go to another counter 'Chanel' to ask ANOTHER woman how I could get a job there.
Me: Hi do you know how I would go about getting a job a this counter?
Her: Uhhhhhhhh
Me: ???????
*Awkward moment of silence*
Her: mumble mumble mumble 'go' mumble mumble 'though' mumble 'human resources'..
Me: OK thanks (quickly making my getaway while I still have a brain)

I mean come on she worked there for goodness sake, doesn't she know how she herself got the job? Really some people.

Sorry if I rambled on but it's so difficult! So if you have any tips or anything please please tell me, I would be incredibly grateful!!!

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June Beauty Trends

Wearing colour has never been so easy, this season every colour you can think of thats bright is probably on trend so this gives us a great opportunity to experiment!
What I love to do if I'm in a rush and I need a quick fix it to use my blush as an eyeshadow. I apply my make-up as usual, then once I've put on my blush I simply pinch my blush brush and (making sure there is some blush on the brush) I sweep it on the crease of my eye and voila! Bingo! Done! This is great because it really gives you that radiant, healthy glow and saves you buying more eye shadow.
Rule number 1: Never restrain yourself to only using your cosmetics for one thing, experiment like with the blush because they are always so versitile, ( this is with the exception of unnatural colours like blue eyeshadow- this might look a bit strange used as blush) 

Another tip is to think of you face as your canvas and you are the artist. For this Summer month you could try keeping you face neutral and work either the eyes or lips. 
Anyone can do it, the is no need to spend hour painstakingly perfecting your look, just apply a simple sweep of uplifting colour to your lid  or a slick of luscious lipstick to emphasise your pout!

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Patriotic Beauty

You know, there something about this whole Jubilee thing that is so comforting. I love the monarchy and I think that it is fantastic how it brings people together and not just in our country but all over the world. So I know we all want to look beautiful, but why not look beautiful and show our countries colours. This is such a special year with the Jubilee celebrations and with London hosting the Olympics so we need to show our support in any way possible. BRITAIN is BEAUTIFUL!
These ROCKing nail wraps are sure to give you that British edge!

Support British products

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