How to: Wear GIRLY ARMY

One of my favourite looks at the moment is the military styles reincarnation to GIRLY ARMY. Think mannish army coats encrusted with jewels and studs. Paired with delicate lace and soft leather riding boots or feminine studded pumps.

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LOOK: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has one of the most admired wardrobes in this country, with her eclectic british style whats not to like? Here is a quirky outfit of hers that can easily be recreated by anybody because of the simple pieces involved. Everything I used to recreate this look can be found at either TOPSHOP or Netaporter!
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DIY: EASY Studding and Embellishing Shorts and more!

Heya everyone I hope your all well,
So have you ever gotten board of a piece of clothing? Well why not spruce it up with studding! This is so simple and EASY.

Get some studs. You will notice that they have little spikes all the bottom of them.

Get a piece of clothing you want to stud, in this case I will use shorts for example.

Decide on where you want to put the studs then stud them by placing the spikes at the bottom of the studs through the fabric and then push the spike inwards so that the hold in place. REPEAT for each stud you wish to stud and then tadaaaahh you done!

Why not try this out on anything even shoes! Or try embellishing you clothing with other things such as  jewels, chains, etc. to add even more interest to any look!

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1 TOPSHOP Skirt 3 EASY looks!

Hello everybody hope your all well, forgive me for not updating my posts for a while, I went to Ireland for a few weeks. So I put together some quick looks that can be easier 'interpreted', I choose to use a midi pencil skirt that hits just at the calves, its very flattering and I am totally loving them right now! This one is from TOPSHOP, hope you like it!

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