DKNY Women Original EDT 1.7oz by DKNY

DKNY Women Original EDT 1.7oz by DKNY:
This is such a lovely fragrance that a I think everyone should probably check, it is a definite must have that I'll be adding to my  collection anytime soon!
It comes in a very sleek bottle that is supposed to capture the 'energy and electricity of the city', what do you think? Personally I agree because its shape resembles a sky scraper and its clean lines show modern elegance to me! This is their signature scent so check it out and see what you think (plus it's a pretty good bargain)
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Shoes Glorious Shoes

I just thought I'd express my love for shoes with a few lurrvulley pictures!!

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How to: Wear Loafers

If theres one statement shoe I love, its the loafer, extremely versatile, stylish and preppy. As we know shoes make or break an outfit- but you can't go wrong with a pair of classic well made loafers. But now they come in so many different styles you may think it is a challenge to discover the ways you can wear them, but put you worries aside I'll save the day!

(that sounded like some naf superhero speech- apologies)

Loafers- Charlotte Olympia
-These berry red and leopard loafers are the BOMB and they are not tacky either, pop on a pair of these with a basic outfit to let the shoes do all the talking!

Loafers- Jimmy Choo
-Add some attitude to any outfit with these babies- studded to perfection!

Loafers- Topshop
-Shine out with these metallic loafers.

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Look: Olivia Palermo

My next new series is called 'Look: .......' and it will feature a look that I created or one that was inspired by someone e.g. Olivia P. in this case where I show you items of how to recreate the look. For this outfit I love the simplicity of it and how less is more, it stands out. I make it a thing to buy a jacket like that!
Jeans- J Brand Denim 811 mid-rise skinny jeans
Top- Splendid Vintage Whisper cotton-jersey T-shirt
Jacket- Topshop Khaki Army Jacket
Shoes- French Sole

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How to: Wear vintage brooches

Heya girls, todays post is the start of my new 'How to' series. SO whenever I think of a great 'How to' then I will post about it, but I also want to include all of you so if you have an idea and you want to know how to do something just simply request it in a comment and I will try my best to respond to it in a post! As you can see I have revamped my layout, I wanted something more professional and fresh so I spent my morning look for good templates and this is the best I could find-nice ones are so hard to find!
Anyway this is How to: Wear vintage brooches. Now for many of you, you may have all sorts of fancy pins lying about in the house that have be passed down to you or bought or well, they don't even have to be vintage. So many of us I'm sure (included mwahh!) have admired them a great deal but never known how to put them to use.

In you HAIR
I love the contrast of wearing a delicate jewelled pin with a messy bun. It adds a hint of unexpected glamour. You don't have to go for the messy bun though, you could dress it up for a more formal look with a neat bun or pin it to the side of a sleek 40's style wavy hair do.

These things were made beautiful for a reason so pin a brooch on you clothes to up the antie and flaunt it, be prepared for those complements!

This idea I think is fantastic, pin the brooch onto the front of a clutch and give it a sparkle. This will also help your clutches become more usable and versitile!

Lastly why not make a necklace out of it, just by connecting a brooch (or more) to something like a ribbon, rope or a chain to create a beautiful statement piece. These will look so expensive since they are always pricey to buy!

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Beautiful Bikinis

Here are some beautiful bikinis that will be great for this summer.

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DIY Summer Nails!

I love painting my nails because it can really bring an outfit together and make you look much more put together. They also can spice up a plain outfit and make a big statement. So for this summer experiment with any colour and wild and wacky patterns! So here is a tutorial on how to recreate OMBRE NAILS.

I love ombre nails and it is something that looks like you could have spent loads of money on but it is so simple to DIY. Ombre is a french word that means 'shaded' and this in fashion, hair etc. is when a colour fades into another colour and you can try this with any colour. Usually a paler colour is used as the base and the darker colour is at the tip of the nail.
So for purpose of telling you how to do this step by step I will be telling you how to create this is a white and mint green.
1. First prim and prep your nails and apply a clear base coat, this will help the nail polish to last for longer and prevent it staining your nails.
2. Next paint your whole nail with the base colour, in this case a white.
3. Once this is dry get a sponge and apply a tiny amount of the contrasting colour onto the sponge and the dab down onto the nail from the tip of the nail to about 3/4 of the way down. The colour should be quite pale at this stage.
4. Let this dry too, then repeat but with a little more of the polish on the sponge to build the intensity of the colour but this time don't go as far down on the nail just about 1//4-2/4 down the nail.
5. Now you should be able to see the ombre effect but if needed sponge on a little bit more polish on the very tips of your nails.
6. Lastly apply a top coat to help your fantastic new look to last!

You can even up the anti by drawing on a palm tree pattern with thin nail varnish brushes, this will give  a beautiful sunset look or try an ombre effect with 3 colours!

You can even try it with glitter nail polish but this time instead of sponging it on just paint it straight on, this is  easier for first timers.

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