DIY Summer Nails!

I love painting my nails because it can really bring an outfit together and make you look much more put together. They also can spice up a plain outfit and make a big statement. So for this summer experiment with any colour and wild and wacky patterns! So here is a tutorial on how to recreate OMBRE NAILS.

I love ombre nails and it is something that looks like you could have spent loads of money on but it is so simple to DIY. Ombre is a french word that means 'shaded' and this in fashion, hair etc. is when a colour fades into another colour and you can try this with any colour. Usually a paler colour is used as the base and the darker colour is at the tip of the nail.
So for purpose of telling you how to do this step by step I will be telling you how to create this is a white and mint green.
1. First prim and prep your nails and apply a clear base coat, this will help the nail polish to last for longer and prevent it staining your nails.
2. Next paint your whole nail with the base colour, in this case a white.
3. Once this is dry get a sponge and apply a tiny amount of the contrasting colour onto the sponge and the dab down onto the nail from the tip of the nail to about 3/4 of the way down. The colour should be quite pale at this stage.
4. Let this dry too, then repeat but with a little more of the polish on the sponge to build the intensity of the colour but this time don't go as far down on the nail just about 1//4-2/4 down the nail.
5. Now you should be able to see the ombre effect but if needed sponge on a little bit more polish on the very tips of your nails.
6. Lastly apply a top coat to help your fantastic new look to last!

You can even up the anti by drawing on a palm tree pattern with thin nail varnish brushes, this will give  a beautiful sunset look or try an ombre effect with 3 colours!

You can even try it with glitter nail polish but this time instead of sponging it on just paint it straight on, this is  easier for first timers.


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