How to: Wear vintage brooches

Heya girls, todays post is the start of my new 'How to' series. SO whenever I think of a great 'How to' then I will post about it, but I also want to include all of you so if you have an idea and you want to know how to do something just simply request it in a comment and I will try my best to respond to it in a post! As you can see I have revamped my layout, I wanted something more professional and fresh so I spent my morning look for good templates and this is the best I could find-nice ones are so hard to find!
Anyway this is How to: Wear vintage brooches. Now for many of you, you may have all sorts of fancy pins lying about in the house that have be passed down to you or bought or well, they don't even have to be vintage. So many of us I'm sure (included mwahh!) have admired them a great deal but never known how to put them to use.

In you HAIR
I love the contrast of wearing a delicate jewelled pin with a messy bun. It adds a hint of unexpected glamour. You don't have to go for the messy bun though, you could dress it up for a more formal look with a neat bun or pin it to the side of a sleek 40's style wavy hair do.

These things were made beautiful for a reason so pin a brooch on you clothes to up the antie and flaunt it, be prepared for those complements!

This idea I think is fantastic, pin the brooch onto the front of a clutch and give it a sparkle. This will also help your clutches become more usable and versitile!

Lastly why not make a necklace out of it, just by connecting a brooch (or more) to something like a ribbon, rope or a chain to create a beautiful statement piece. These will look so expensive since they are always pricey to buy!


Unknown at: 24 July 2012 at 10:42 said...

I love beautifully vintage brooches I think it's nice to every woman of course if you use it correct.

Vintage Jewelry Girl at: 21 December 2015 at 15:30 said...

Some great ideas! I have to figure out how to make then stay in my hair.

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